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Classic Prints & Patterns for Winter

Last month I had a client ask me if there were some wintery prints that she could buy that would be a "good investment" in her wardrobe?

"I want to make sure it doesn't go out of style next year?

Any suggestions Fab?"

I answered her with these tips and thought you could enjoy them too!

The leopard print

The animal print, with special attention to leopard print, is a basic in my book and an all year round kind of print.

If you want to make this print more current for this year, pair it with lots of colors.

You'll also find the print in different colors too, like black and white, tones of blues etc…, but if you want to have a closet that lasts beyond trends, invest in the traditional color brown and beige, and you'll be wearing it years to come.

Here are a few items I found, click on the photos to find out more about the pieces


Scarf Print

I find this print to be super elegant. Scarf print is usually flowy and light. You will probably see more on shirts and some in skirts, with chains, animals, and color blocking prints.



The classic fabric that Chanel uses in the jackets for years,

This year you'll find it in many different colors and styles. This is a great purchase for classic and elegant women, which is a garment that will not go out of style.


The Fair Isle

The knitting technique is named after one of the islands where it originated—Fair Isle in Shetland in northern Scotland, and is a classic pattern as well every winter.



Out of all the prints, plaid is the one you can be sure to invest without fear of going out of style any time soon, you can get as colorful as you want or very traditional with black and white.

You can add this pattern, with a bit of accessories, maybe in your shoes to bring the whole outfit into the winter mood and show your fun personality :)

If you like comfort try some flannel shirts paired with your favorite jeans, and you can also try to pair them up with a skirt and add some bling to go to dinner with friends. Creating a more functional wardrobe ;)


These prints are classics and sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe and showing more of your personality in your outfits.

Your goal is not to buy trendy pieces, but buy pieces that you can wear years to come and feel stylish.

These prints are a staple in many women's wardrobe, however, make sure you choose something that reflects your lifestyle and personality!

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