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The Romantic Persona is the description of femininity and a soft,

innocent look. It embodies the 'wife-mother" archetype

with its nurturing and supportive qualities.

You have a very gentle and sweet personality;

your hair and makeup are soft and pretty.

You're caring, with a compassionate nature directed toward

others. You have a deep desire to help, be of service, nurture,

and be involved with people, especially the young or elderly.


Your focus is always on others!

You are nostalgic about the past, family ties, heirlooms, and mementos. You respond to
emotions, personal feelings,
and needs of others.

The limitation of this Romantic Style is that you may appear too soft and sweet for a traditional business environment.

Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style

The Romantic personality dressing style is distinctly womanly and sometimes as the name indicates, romantic in her appearance.


There is nothing masculine, sharp, or hard in her finish. Romantic women will take the time to attend to the smallest detail of their outfits.


You will prefer to have soft features and curved lines on your body.


Soft and feminine, pink lips and nail polish – or a classic French manicure and subtle makeup colors. Hair can be curly and long, generally soft,

but never a severe or blunt cut.

The Romantic Persona keywords are:
Supportive, Caring, Nurturing, Warm, Gentle, Soft Spoken, and Considerate


You will find it demanding to wear a structured corporate wardrobe.


You will be most comfortable in light-colored suits, co-ordinates with a

slightly structured jacket.


You will have no problem wearing feminine medium heel shoes.


You'll be most comfortable in

cardigans for warmth.


You'll have a wardrobe full of soft,

touchable fabric dresses in a variety of lengths, as well as an array of full

skirts, soft blouses, and knits.


how to wear




gentle and flowing


Integrated and Applied


Intricate and heavily detailed

Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style
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Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style


Think pastels, soft pinks, blues, greens, white or purple, and neutrals in cream, champagne, and taupe.


Also floral and think bows and ribbons, but not all at once.


The feminine woman enjoys the softness of her colors and patterns.


Tactile and fluid fabrics such as velvet

and silk charmeuse. Satin, fine cottons

such as Batiste cotton, soft wools,

angora, and cashmere.

Textures: Fine textures, silk, satin, velvet,
soft and touchable.


Patterns: Delicate prints, often floral or polka dots, beading, and sequins can be a favorite, as can ribbon detail on clothing.

Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style
Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpg
Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style


The ‘feminine fit’ has a soft curved finish.


There are plenty of ruffles, curves, and folds in your outfits.


Nothing is tight; everything will flow, moving as you walk.


Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 1.12.38 PM.png

More is not enough for you when it comes to shoes.

You will have a variety of styles, from flat ballet

slipper styles to medium-high court shoes.


In a variety of colors to match every outfit and a variety of trims on them. Again most of your shoes will be leather, not too shiny, and not at all chunky.



Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style

From your family heirloom jewelry to a delicate strand of fine glass beads, you love anything delicate and feminine.


Like the classic, you, too, love pearls, but your strands and earrings will be small and delicate.


You may enjoy some sparkle in the day or evening.


Your watch will be small with a fine band.

More like a bracelet than a watch.

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg


Fab Totoli ROMANTIC personal style

Your bags are classic and scale up slightly from a standard handbag but not in black; think cream, pink or two-tone. 


It'll be soft and not overly structured.

Your accessories, in general, will have rounded, softer edges.

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Where to shop?

Stores that relate to your style

  • Kate Spade 

  • Francesca's 

  • Boden

  • Love Shack Fancy

  • Ted Baker

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg

You're not Alone

Dramatic Style Persona Icons 

that dress similar to you

  • Penelope Cruz

  • Taylor Swift

  • Keira Knightley

  • Eva Mendes


Here are some of the masterclasses that can help you

ipad be heard mock up.png


Learn how to use your accessories to change the "vibe" of your outfits, and understand where to create focal points so people look at your assets, not your "liabilities."


Read More here

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Most Romantic Style Personas find it challenging to find clothes that fit them well when they gain weight and their figure changes. If you're struggling with this, this masterclass talks about how to create  Body Harmony while assembling figure-flattering outfits.

Read More here




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