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Your relaxed dressing style is one of the most sought styles to copy.

It's youthful, carefree, and the "American Style" known

internationally. Your hair and makeup are also easy and

pretty "au naturel."

You tend to be fast-moving, energetic, and quick. You're not parse

a planner, but you move quickly to accomplish tasks to

move to the next activity on your list.

You don't dwell on your past or make detailed plans, you

just maintain a carefree demeanor and move on.

You're seen as the girl next
door, the fun and reliable
friend, your clothes are informal, comfy, and made of stretch to give you freedom of movement.

Because of your informal look, it can lead to limitations on formal occasions or

conservative business environment.

Fab Totoli Natural personal style

Comfort is most important to you.

The idea of squeezing into restrictive clothing is not for you.

You're very down-to-earth and matter-of-fact in your approach

to life. The overall look of the relaxed is less feminine

without being mannish.

The Natural Persona keywords are:
Friendly, Casual, Approachable, Fun, Cheerful, Active, and Spontaneous


Tweeds, flecked, and boucle-finished suits. No matter what shape you are, you'll prefer eased waists for movement and comfort.


Suits are teamed with knits and comfortable camisoles as opposed to crisp shirts.


You'll tend to opt for a pantsuit to a skirt or dress, and separates than a suit.


You'll always look as if you're either ready to work out or go walking in the country.


Dresses are not something common

in your wardrobe.

It'll be filled with comfortable trousers for winter and capris and shorts in summer.


Knits will play a major role in relaxed, comfortable fabrics.


how to wear




Relaxed, loosely structured


Multiple details on a single garment


Easy-to-wear, functional

Fab Totoli Natural personal style
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Fab Totoli Natural personal style


Everything that looks like it belongs in nature with the easy-to-wear black and white.


Greens from the forest and grasses, blues from the sky and sea, browns from the trees and earth, and sand from the beaches.


Textures: Open, loose weaves, medium to rough textures in cotton, linen, rayon, Tencel, and flannel. It must be comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Patterns: plaids, tweeds, camouflage, stripes, and checks.


Fabric for you'll be chunky, nubbly, boucle, and anything else with texture and open weave.




Organic cotton, flannel denim,

soft leather and Lyocell

are what you love to wear.

Fab Totoli Natural personal style
Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpg
Fab Totoli Natural personal style


The fit has room to move and wears lots of layers. You'd rather remove layers than freeze.


Your jackets are softly structured, and skirts and trousers range from tailored to baggy.


You don't like to squeeze into anything, and you must be able to walk comfortably in whatever you wear.


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 5.15.56 PM.png

You'll be the one wearing sneakers to work and then slipping into a pair of low suede pumps.


You love sports shoes, lace-up shoes, hiking boots,

and mules shoes.


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 5.16.09 PM.png

Chunky and natural.

Anything from nature will look good on you, from small amber earrings to rough stone beads.


You'll not feel comfortable in anything too shiny or prissy.

Your watch will be functional and most probably be something that measures your heartbeat and steps.

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at

Backpacks, large shoulder totes, messenger, and sacks are your idea of a great bag, but for practicality, you might also choose a large crossbody.


Probably made from hemp, canvas, leather, or suede.

black clothes hanging _ Fab Totoli Style .jpg

Where to shop?

Stores that relate to your style

  • J.Crew

  •  Gap

  •  Athleta

  • Polo Ralph Lauren

  •  Lulu Lemon

  • Boden

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg

You're not Alone

Natural Style Persona Icons 

that dress similar to you

  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Joanna Gaines

  • Meghan Ryans 

  • Dame Judi Dench

  • Martha Stewart


Here are some of the masterclasses that can help you



Learn how to use your accessories to change the "vibe" of your outfits, and understand where to create focal points so people look at your assets, not your "liabilities."


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Most Natural Style Personas find it challenging to find clothes that fit them well when they gain weight and their figure changes. If you're struggling with this, this masterclass talks about how to create  Body Harmony while assembling figure-flattering outfits.

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I'm so happy you're here, seriously; I mean it,  but more than anything, I'd love to see you succeed in discovering your style so you can create outfits that feel like you, independent of your lifestyle or age!

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