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The Dramatic Persona is the description of strength and power with a

desire to be the director of her destiny.

You seek an outlet, a way to manifest this force that is larger than life.


You have a very charismatic personality, and this persona is part of

a warrior archetype who fights to defend a just cause or a vision.

Still, for you, this power needs to be harnessed for the public

good and not used only solely to satisfy personal goals.


You're compassionate and a force for GOOD.

When you need to make a grand entrance or public appearance,

this style persona will help you

stand out from the crowd at press

conferences, galas, and parties.

It will also set you apart at high-profile art and fashion-related events- or any activity

where a chic image is required

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Because your ability to make your presence visible is your style gift.

You'll never be overlooked. You love to be bold and wear things that are bold, or as long as it makes a statement.


You might not even do it for others' attention; getting dressed it's a way to show your individuality...You like to look striking for yourself, wear big patterns or a high contrast outfits, bright colors, unique jewelry, and oversized handbags can also be found in your wardrobe.​

The Dramatic Persona keywords are:
Sophisticated, Assertive, Intense, Confident & Cosmopolitan


Your outfits will be firm fitting,

and sharp.

High collars, large collars, and

unique color suits or separates

will define your style.

You can sometimes look

intimidating and powerful.


You don't like to be wearing what everyone is wearing. Your weekend wear will be 

edgy and sharp fitting.


You'll never venture out of the house without some kind of unique accessory unless you’re exercising, but even then, your clothes will be a different color or with some unique detail.


how to wear


Architectural, non-classic


Very Structured and geometric


Single focal point


Avant-garde and bold

Fab Totoli TRADITIONAL personal style
Fab totoli logo -12.png
Fab Totoli TRADITIONAL personal style


Black, white, red, cobalt blue, neons, metallics, yellow, and fuchsia, especially a sharp monochromatic outfit.


High to medium contrast between colors is something you enjoy wearing,


Strong geometric designs or animal prints and stripes are preferred.


Simple design on plain fabrics, with crisp and

sharp finishes. Silk and crisp cotton shirting are favored. Leather and suede rather than fabric shoes and bags.


Shimmery attention-grabbing textures – whether it’s fur, fabric with metallic details

or something with a rubberized surface.


Patterns: bold graphic prints, large-scale patterns, and animal prints. The dramatic will even put up with linen in summer.

Fab Totoli TRADITIONAL personal style
Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpg
Fab Totoli TRADITIONAL personal style


The fit is always unique, stand-up collars, wide-spread collars, and high-waisted bottoms and pencil skirts.


Anything over scale is precisely what the dramatic is looking for—the latest trends and fits help you stand out in the crowd.


Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 9_edited.png

You're the extremists of fashion and don’t care what damage or pain your feet must go through to look fabulous.


Often with pointy toes or very blunt cuts – unlikely to have round toes. Boots can be one of your favorites;

hmmm... okay....any shoes that are seen as a statement,

will be your favorite!

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 2.00.10 PM.png


More is more when it comes to size.

Earrings can be your favorite, but funny enough, you also enjoy wearing brooches.


Large-scale pendants or opera-length necklaces because you're not scared to play with oversized accessories.


Your watch will be in the larger size, but more  stylish than chunky.

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg


Fab totoli  personal style management st

Leather bags, either large or slim line, metallics, colorful.

You'll own many bags to go with different outfits.

black clothes hanging _ Fab Totoli Style .jpg

Where to shop?

Stores that relate to your style

  • Zara 

  • H&M

  • Banana Republic

  • Weekend by Max Mara 

  • Mango

  • Massimo Dutti

  • Max & Co

Fab totoli personal style management studio.jpeg

You're not Alone

Dramatic Style Persona Icons 

that dress similar to you

  • Cate Blanchett

  • Zendaya 

  • Rose Byrne

  • Victoria Beckham

  • Sharon Osbourne

  • Joan Collins

  • Gwen Stefani


Here are some of the masterclasses that can help you

ipad be heard mock up.png


Learn how to use your accessories to change the "vibe" of your outfits, and understand where to create focal points so people look at your assets, not your "liabilities."


Read More here

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Most Dramatic Style Personas are angular shapes, but when they gain weight and their figure changes, they find it challenging to find clothes that fit them well. If you're struggling with this, this masterclass talks about how to create  Body Harmony while assembling figure-flattering outfits.

Read More here




I'm so happy you're here, seriously; I mean it,  but more than anything, I'd love to see you succeed in discovering your style so you can create outfits that feel like you, independent of your lifestyle or age!

So, I've created a PDF Version of this page for you to check anytime you want.

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